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Head office

There are around 100 employees busy at the headquarters of hotelleriesuisse in the Monbijoustrasse in Berne, as well as in the branch office in Lausanne.

Headquarters Cité Monbijou, Berne

The operational management of the company lies with the head office under the direction of the CEO, who is supported by assistants and the departments of «Communication», «Economic Policy» and «Sustainable Development».

The operative business of the company is primarily dealt with by two divisions, namely, «Education» and «Members», as well as by «Legal Services» which itself belongs to a third division called «Central Services». The «Finance», «Human Resources and Internal Services» and «IT» departments also belong to the «Central Services» division and play a crucial part in contributing to the smooth functioning of the company.

Editorially independent, but organizationally and financially bound up with hotelleriesuisse, is the Swiss tourism trade journal «htr hotel revue».