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Stars & Swiss Lodge

The base categories create transparency, trust and security. They are reliable signposts amongst the jungle of labels and quality statements.

In the base categories, a hotel can be classified from 1 star through to 5 stars, or without star classification as a «Swiss Lodge», which is a base category for middle-sized and small businesses. Businesses which offer only breakfast are designated as hotel «Garni» (bed and breakfast). The best in each class of each star category are designated with the supplement «Superior».

  • What is the benefit to the guest?

    In a hotel classified by hotelleriesuisse, the guest has the assurance that he will find a certain level of quality service, infrastructure and equipment. The classification gives him a guarantee in respect of the objective services on offer in the hotel.

    In the jungle of different labels, quality statements, logos and trademarks, the internationally renowned star classification and the other basis categories provide the guest with a binding and transparent reference in respect of standards and comfort. The specialisation categories give further indications as to the character, orientation and supplementary equipment of a hotel. The classified hotels are recognisable by the corresponding star brand which is found at the entrance to the hotel.

  • What is the benefit to the hotelier?

    With the star classification of hotelleriesuisse, the hotelier receives an important competitive advantage. He presents his guests with clearly defined standards, which are also applicable at European level. On top of that, he also benefits from the marketing and public relations activities of hotelleriesuisse, Switzerland Tourism and the European Hotelstars Union (12 countries within Europe already classify by using the uniform standards).

Criteria catalogues

Further criteria catalogues are available in German or French.