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Hotelstars Union

hotelleriesuisse is a founding member of the Hotelstars Union, which set itself the goal of harmonising the system of hotel classification in Europe.

hotelleriesuisse has for years now worked for the harmonisation of the hotel classification in Europe. The aim is to promote the competitiveness of Swiss hospitality, as well as promoting greater transparency for the international hotel guest.

Under the auspices of HOTREC – hotels, restaurants & cafés in Europe, hotelleriesuisse laid the foundation for the Hotelstars Union in the year 2009, together with the hotel associations from Germany and Austria. Meanwhile, the harmonised hotel classifications of the Hotelstars Union, with its common criteria and a uniform implementation in 11 countries of the EU (Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Malta) as well as Switzerland (hotel classifications by hotelleriesuisse), goes into force. Medium-term, a single harmonised hotel classification for the entire EU area is being striven for.

Hotelstars Union promotional film