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Procedure and classification bodies

Hotel classifications are implemented by the collaboration of the respective hoteliers of the hotels in question and the responsible classification bodies from hotelleriesuisse.

  • Who classifies?

    The National Pool of Auditors (NAP) with its some 30 auditors is the body which is responsible for the classification of hotels in the first instance.

    Following the system of the separation of powers, the Independent Appeal Committee (URI) is the second body, with between seven and nine members.

    The NAP and the URI take their decisions independently from the association bodies of hotelleriesuisse, based upon rules and regulations specially created for that purpose. Uniform handling of the standards by regular training of the auditors and by internal quality controls is thus ensured. The hotel classification bodies are supported in their activity by the classification department at the headquarters of hotelleriesuisse.

  • Who develops?

    The Group of Experts for the Revision of Standards (ENOR) is the third body responsible for the further development of the standards of the official Swiss hotel classification. It consists of between five and seven members. They proactively develop new guidelines for the next round of classifications, at the same time including the official European classification systems (HOTREC).

  • Procedure of classification
    • Annually, some 600 hotels are visited by the National Pool of Auditors (NAP).
    • The hotel will be contacted directly by one of our lead auditors for an appointment.
    • The hotel will be visited by two auditors, of which at least one is a licensed lead auditor.
    • Prior to the visit, please the form entitled «Statistics/Security» is to be filled in. If a specialisation is desired, the corresponding specialisation application forms are to be likewise filled in and are to be on hand for the audit.
    • The auditors will visit the entire operation, will undertake the evaluation online and then give the result to the hotelier.
    • After the visit, the auditors create and hold the audit report in respect of their visit to the operation and will determine the conditions discussed for achieving the desired category in a preliminary decision or shall make known in writing their decision concerning the category reached.
    • If the hotelier does not agree with the decision made, he can appeal to the independent appeal committee (URI). Generally the URI definitively decides upon the classification after visiting the operation again.
  • How does the point-scoring system work?

    Every hotel is classified on the basis of a point-scoring system which follows the criteria catalogue. The following applies: The higher the star rating, the higher the requirements. Next to compulsory minimum criteria for each category, the criteria catalogue also contains a multitude of optional criteria. The hotelier is free to choose which of these criteria he wishes to meet in order to obtain the points necessary for the desired star category or Swiss Lodge. This provides the hotelier with the entrepreneurial freedom to offer exactly those additional features and services which his guests want, and he will be rewarded for it in the classification too.