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Swiss Hotel Association Brings Swiss Hospitality Education Quality to Kathmandu

Kathmandu/Berne, 15.09.2014

The Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) has established a new relationship with the Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (GATE) in Nepal. SHA brings its international hotelier experiences with specific expectations to raise the educational standards to the highest level in Nepal. SHA has selected GATE as its partner in Nepal, because GATE has continually sought to create learning by doing programs for its students. This relationship will bring further demands on GATE that will only better prepare students for an international career as well as raise the local standards so that Nepal can step proudly as a 5 star destination.

We are looking forward to providing GATE with the means to uphold Swiss educational standards in their academic teaching and training. This new relationship, tremendously, will benefit the students and community in Kathmandu. Without good quality in educational trainings, hospitality industry is not sustainable. Since 1893, Swiss Hotel Association has invested in the area of hospitality education training. It bridges education and practice in the field of hospitality and it will bring to Nepal services in the area of consulting, training and audit/certification for hospitality.

Since GATE was founded in 2007, its primary objectives have been to provide smart, ambitious Nepalese youth with the skills that could provide the foundation for them to enter the hotel industry and not just a job but a career that could take them around the world – or to build their own operations in Nepal. To be effective part of the solution in Nepal, SHA is here to support GATE with its mission to build professionalism within the Nepalese tourism industry.

The 21st Century hospitality industry needs professionals with honed skills, intercultural and multilingual competence and who can serve the diverse global customer expectations. Nepalese youth is well suited for this industry with its own mixture of village and city life as well as intercultural competence that has been bred by Nepal’s rich cultural history.

GATE is the first and only school in Nepal that receives such a prestigious recognition from Swiss Hotel Association. Swiss Hotel Association is wishing the entire GATE staff, students and Nepalese community a happy new beginning.

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