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As the only export industry which does not leave the country, we promote the creation of a business-friendly environment.

Economic policy and tourism policy

In terms of pricing, Switzerland finds itself in a difficult position: The local labor and input costs are substantially higher than those of foreign competitors. That is why the uppermost objective of the hotel industry is the fight against the high costs of the Swiss «high-cost-island».

The Swiss hotel industry faces major challenges which have an impact on the competitiveness of the industry. In addition to the high costs, the strong Swiss franc presents further difficulties. Hoteliers find themselves confronted with fewer enquiries and rapidly declining margins. It is all the more important, therefore, to steer a political course which ensures a successful development of the Swiss hotel industry.

hotelleriesuisse is active at a national level in seeking a political framework which is hotel-friendly, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of each individual member. Always in a steady dialogue with politics, the economy and the public, hotelleriesuisse is a reliable partner and a first point of contact for professional concerns.


  • ...we identify industry-relevant matters early-on - be they economic, touristic, educational or sociological - and represent the position of our members at all levels within the legislative process, in a determined and constructive way,
  • ...we seek an exchange views with Parliament and administration,
  • ...we participate in an engaged way with the corresponding bodies and working groups of the umbrella organisations,
  • ...and also represent our position to the public by means of active media work and participation in political campaigns.