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Basic Education

Well-educated and ambitious professionals perform excellent accomplishments in the industry. The key to this is a sound basic education.

Basic education on offer in school hotels

The school hotels are professional vocational boarding-schools which are recognized by both the Federal government and the Cantons. Those who wish to train as hotel managers, restaurant managers or hotel or restaurant employees stay at the school hotel on two occasions each year for five weeks of block instruction each time.

In the school hotel, theory and practice are combined together in an ideal way. Lessons learned are directly reinforced in everyday school life. The subjects studied are vocational training, general education (language/communication/ dealing with people), foreign-languages, sports/gymnastics. In extra-curricular courses, basic practical skills are imparted and practised.

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Basic commercial education: Two paths, one goal

Commercial vocational education is committed to the training and further education of commercial professionals for the hotel-gastronomy-tourism industry.

In basic vocational education, two systems are used:

  • Basic education organised on a scholastic basis in the hotel-tourism business schools and led by professional education partners of hotelleriesuisse (2 years of schooling, 1 year of internship) with a diploma from hotelleriesuisse after 2 years and a Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ) after 3 years.
  • Three-year dual basic education organised by the «Verein kaufmännischer Grundbildung Hotel-Gastro-Tourismus» (The Hotel-Gastronomy-Tourism association for basic commercial education) leading to a Swiss Federal VET diploma (EFZ).

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