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The Swiss hotel industry represents, promotes and wins over the best employees and the most innovative managers, and binds them to the industry.


By means of the new Education Strategy 2015, hotelleriesuisse makes every effort to coordinate discussions and ensure coherent training and further education, thanks to forward-looking, coordinated career paths between the different levels of education.

Tertiary level B: Higher vocational training
Tertiary level A: University level

Federal PET
Diploma examinations
Professional examinations

Upper secondary level: Basic vocational education and training
General education schools
Gymnasium baccalaureates

Lower secondary level: compulsory basic education

(Federally recognised qualifications)

Qualifications: opening the door to further opportunities

The education system in Switzerland consists of three levels.

The lowest level (lower secondary or Sekundarstufe I) is the compulsory basic education for all. Attendance at this level is a prerequisite for attending the next level (upper secondary or Sekundarstufe II).

At upper secondary level (Sekundarstufe II), the following kinds of further education take place:

  • basic vocational education and training (consisting of both 2- and 3-year apprenticeships) which lead to a federally-recognised qualification at the end of them,
  • education which leads to a vocational baccalaureate and gymnasium education which leads to other types of Swiss baccalaureates.

Completion of these educational programmes ensures successful admission to education at the third or tertiary level. This tertiary level of education is divided into two main sectors;

  • Tertiary A which includes the Universities, the Federal Institutes of Technology and the other Universities of Applied Sciences, all of which extend qualifications according to the Bologna system. 
  • Tertiary B which encompasses higher vocational training provided by professional education and training (PET) colleges leading to Federal PET College Degrees, Federal PET Diploma examinations and Advanced Federal PET Diplomas.

It is also possible to move from one sector to the other by passing different aptitude tests (Passerellen).